Design lives in our DNA, We do it with passion, we create, we build, we get excited every day with the idea of transforming space, whether to build a store, a house, a simple object or the image of a brand.


MIX has extensive experience in setting up retail stores and has played a key role in a vast number of new retail concepts. We know retail – inside out. We support customers in the retail, premium and luxury segments – planning and executing profit-generating environments. We know how to increase sales by designing stores that attract consumers and make the customer's visit a true event.


MIX Branding Solutions is a team of brand experts, drawn from different specialism but with one shared focus; creating the very brightest ideas for brands. Each team, whether it’s strategic design, pack science, graphics, legal or digital, is brilliant in its own right, and you can work with one, two, or as many as you need to get your big idea off the drawing board and into your customer’s shopping basket.


"Solo nei primi 10 secondi di degustazione l’olfatto viene stimolato pienamente, imprimendo nella memoria la sensazione totale"... Il concept è stato ideato dal Arch. Diego Bettin, in collaborazione con la Madera Srl di Pescara, propone uno spazio è...


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